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Local Lead Game - Learn the local lead generation game & help local businesses | Product Hunt



Hi, my name is Ken Savage and welcome to LocalLeadGame.com.

You're about to discover how Entrepreneurial Minded People from all over the country build online businesses right in their neighborhood.

I've even put together a download for you:

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Figure out what industry and area to get started in

It explains to you how easy it is to sell leads to the most prosperous industries and how to get started.

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Ken Savage

Founder of LocalLeadGame.comMentor at EforAll: Entrepreneurship for AllSpeaker at Mass Challenge2 Successful Startup Exits

The Main Problem Most Entrepreneurs Face Today Isn’t The Lack Of Know-How, It’s The Lack Of EXECUTION

When I talk to aspiring entrepreneurs they usually tell me they lack the one thing to achieve a breakthrough in their business.

“I know what I should be doing, but I don’t know how to actually get it to work.”

They just need a KICK IN THE ASS

This may vary for a few people, but I’d say it covers 99% of the people I talk to.

But when we talk they tell me that they’ve bought and watched all the courses out there. They belong to all the Mastermind groups and downloaded all the eBooks. They’ve gone to premium masterminds and they’ve gotten the best training from all the best people.

Most people don’t lack the TECHNICAL knowledge.

And yet despite all the money they spent on getting better, they either fail or never try at all.

It’s All About My “Hardcore Implementation Methodology”

Now it’s important to understand how different this is to anything out there.
I've shared traffic and conversion strategies & concepts, but NOTHING like this.

I've also recently discovered a few tweaks in my approach that made me more money faster, and transformed my business with LESS EFFORT than I ever imagined possible.

These strategies are the "edge" I haven't been willing to share in my past several years online.

They are what truly "separates me" from all other coaches in this space. I get questions like:

“Why would you teach something this valuable. Why not do it for yourself?"

“Why would you give your advantage away?”

My favorite response is... "TIME. There's sooo many industries and so many locations that I want to share this business building method with others to prosper as well."

I've said before, it’s not about the money… It’s about teaching others what has worked.

Figure out what industry and area to get started in

If you're the type of person who wants to learn how to build a lead generation business with NO BS and results oriented teaching, I'm working on something interesting.

No courses or long ebooks that drag on about them and not beneficial to you. When you receive this download I'll also give you more info about the program.

I look forward to hanging out with YOU and get to work on building your business.

To Your Success,
Ken Savage


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Here’s the list of 5 of my favorite and easiest to get into industries for lead generation. I include why these particular niches are good for lead generation and some things to think about when contacting these potential clients to sell them leads.

I'm putting together training and a community of local lead generation people.
Take a look...

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